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This is the music journal of barat. Every few days (usually weekly), I will post a few songs for you that I'm in love with. This community is members only, however almost anyone can join. I will most likely approve you unless you're not following the rules. I will most likely post indie rock and pop. I also like some electronic music so that may be posted!


1. Please don't try to join if you have very few people on your friends list. I will most likely not approve you because that's that. Same goes for journals that are dead. I just don't want shifty looking people on here.

2. Please comment when you download. It's very rude not to and I will know if you didn't as I monitor my domain's bandwidth. Most files are uploaded to my own webspace and I'd just like to know where my bandwidth is going.

3. Right Click + Save anything you download from here unless I upload it to sites such as UploadHut or the like. Streaming files is not cool.

4. If you'd like to hear more of an artist I post, tell me and I might post more of them in future posts. However, I encourage you to purchase their CDs.

5. Lastly, enjoy your music. Even if you see a post with a band you never heard, I encourage you to try out their music :)

DISCLAIMER : The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. I suggest that you purchase the CDs of any music I post here that you may like


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